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The Lui Bar

Located 236 meters above sea level, on the 55ht floor of a gorgeous sky scrapper, the Lui Bar offers an awesome view on Port Philip Bay, on the south side of the Yarra River. The Lui Bar is one of those elegant places, where you know that you’ll have a quiet time, enjoying a little chat with some friend, while being amazed by one of Melbourne best view. In this kind of place, absolutely nothing is forgotten to make you feel the luxury of the place. I’ve experienced a couple of those “high in the sky” bars, in Montreal, Quebec or Sydney. This one beats them all, and as soon as you enter the building. A smiling waitress is here to welcome you, and to check with the bar if there is some room. She will then escort you to the elevator. Forget about the usual boring business elevator, with a small mirror and a TV telling you the last economic news. A dark room, with soft neon light, and world music. You climb the 55 floors very quickly, and then just get in the Lui Bar.

Definitely quiet on this sunny wednesday afternoon. The waiter told me that I’ll have the place all for me. I like the idea. Comfy and design couches every where, nice bulb lamps… all with a little “timeless” trendy touch… if you prefer, you can also enjoy your drink on the terrace. For the little story, big bags are now forbidden in the bar, because two parachutists jumped from the bar terrace, two weeks ago. Well, I won’t jump. I definitely prefer to stay and enjoy my beer.

And, of course, this awesome view on the south shore of the Yarra River…

The menu is definitely what you would expect in a place like that. Here, snack means “oyster” or “caviar”. They also have an amazing list of cocktails, all coming with there own little history. But yes, the view, the feeling, the name, all that has a price. So even the beer was quite expensive, specially on a traveler budget. Lets face it: I come here for the view, and for that, it’s definitely worth it. A perfect place for visitors who would like to relax after a long afternoon wandering around Melbourne CBD.

Time for me to finish my “Alpha Pale Ale”, from the Matilda Bay Microbrewery. With a strong hop taste, from the beginning to the end, a beer that lacks a bit of subtlety; would have been nice to have something else than bitterness…

3 Responses to “The Lui Bar

  1. March 28th, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    simon says:

    Ça me rappelle un resto où nous étions allé à Chicago. Vraiment impressionnant comme vue.

    (En passant, worth pas worst ;) )

  2. March 28th, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Sébastien Chion says:

    Si je me souviens bien ce que vous m’aviez raconté, c’était la John Hancock Tower ;) Pour celle là, j’avais pris l’option de payer l’ascenseur plutôt qu’une bière. La raison étant qu’ils avaient une option « deux visites dans la journée » que je trouvais quand même bien intéressante (et moins chère que deux bières ;) ). Option faite à Vancouver aussi… et que je referais peut être bientôt ! Et que je ferais également bientôt à la Eureka Tower. Oui, elle est au programme des prochains jours elle aussi.

    (et merci pour la correction :) )

  3. March 29th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    Simon says:

    Mais de rien.

    Waho! Je ne me rappelais pas de son nom, justement.

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