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A first day in Wilson Promontory

  • English: A first day in Wilson Promontory
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The day starts slowly. I have a hard time putting everything together to start moving. But finally, I manage to be active at the end of the morning. Backpack on my back, I walk to the train station. This is going to be quite a long ride. Starting with 2 hours of train, in order to reach the furthest suburb of Melbourne, and from here, hitch hike the next 160 kilometers.

Going through the never ending suburb of Melbourne is all but inspiring. But the train finally arrives in Pakhenam, its terminus. My backpack is a little bit to heavy. I don’t know why, but I’ll have to deal with it. I start walking. That’s the very first time I’m hitch hiking on the mainland, and I’m wondering if it will be as easy as it was in Tasmania. The first car to stop, less than 10 minutes after I started walking, make me think that it’s going to be an easy ride, even if he just gives me a 15 kilometers ride. The second vehicle won’t even stop: he was already parked on the side of the road. A blue van flashes his lights as I’m trying to understand which way I had to go. Daniel, the driver, tells me that they are going… to Wilson Promontory. His girlfriend, an other name that I forget, is just doing a quick stop at the bakery. Ten minutes later, we’re back on the road, via the touristic drive. Seating in the back on the van, I can’t really talk with them. I’m to far. Can’t really take photos either. It’s not a problem. I still have a few exchange, and I just enjoy the landscape. They are coming from Darwin area. They are both german-australian. In holiday in Victoria for a few weeks before flying back to the northern territory.

We arrive at the Prom just on time to see a nice sunset and catch a few pictures.

Wilson Promontory is one of the favorite place of lots of Melbournian. They are proud of the Prom, and talk a lot about it. And I was quite curious to see what it looks like. Being close to the city make the Proms a very popular place, and the park offers a giant 450 places campground. But off season, during the week, it just mean that you’ve got plenty of room just for you, and that you might eventually heard your neighbor if he starts screaming. That’s perfect. Daniel and his girlfriend find a little spot for the van, and invite me to come back later to spend the evening with them. It’s quite windy down there, so I decide to try to find a place sheltered by the tree.

When the tent is ready, I take 5 minutes to catch the last sun light on the beach.

And I go back to the travelers in the blue van. They welcome me with a glass of wine, and we spend a short evening talking about all and nothing. Small, simple little moment, as I like them. At some point, they say that they are planning to go back to Melbourne in two or three days. Just a perfect timing for me!

Little bit later, I’m rolled in my warm sleeping back, on my thin air mattress, under a shaking tent. It’s not even 8PM, but I’m tired, and I’m planning to fall asleep early, as I have quite a long day planed for tomorrow !

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