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Day two in Wilson Promontory

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I was supposed to have a good night, in order to wake up early, and in good shape. But the wind has been blowing. Without stopping. All night. And my tent has this bad habits of shaking and being really noisy in the wind. I almost didn’t sleep, and when I feel good enough to start moving, it was past 10 already.

The Prom remind me Freycinet in Tasmania. Nice peninsula, with a few mountains/hills for the view, a couple of awesome bay, and a long overnight hike. The one I was supposed to do. Unfortunately, it means a 21 kilometers hike for today. Knowing that the sunset is at 5:30PM, I definitely didn’t have the time to do it. After a little while, trying to find what to do, I decide to take my backpack. I’ll sleep… hum… somewhere.

The walk start following Norman Bay beach, where the campground is.

After the beach, the path start going up. Just a little. Because of Mount Oberon. Nice little mountain over the peninsula. It’s usually possible to hike to the summit, but because of massive flood last year, there is a couple of closed path in the Prom. I keep on walking.

My backpack is to heavy. I don’t understand why. I feel a lack of energy and motivation. Those, I know why. Would definitely have enjoy a few more hours sleeping… so I take my time and, when I arrive at Little Oberon Bay, I even take a little break, to enjoy the beach.

I’m not sure. I don’t really want to go any further. I know that I won’t have the time/energy to go where I was planning. If I go further, it means that all I’ll be able to do tomorrow is to walk my way back. I choose a compromise. I leave my backpack behind a rock, et walk up to the next beach. I’ll come back later, sleeping again in the main campground, so that I have sometime tomorrow to explore other part of the park. I like this option.

I like Oberon Bay, a few kilometers after Little Oberon Bay. The weather, despite of the grey sky and the fog, give amazing effect. I know it won’t look good on a picture, so I take all my time to enjoy. It’s cold. I don’t mind. I like it.

Happy of that little extra hike, I walk back, take my bag, and come back to the campground. The Prom is nice but, according to me, far away to be as amazing as Freycinet. But yes, it was just a short preview, under a bad weather. In a perfect world, I’d have to come back for 5 or 6 days in the area…

It’s still quite early, and I have some time to walk around the campground. There’s a nice little river, with a nice little bridge. I sit on a rock, on the other side, to play the flute. Until I realize that, in the sand bellow me, there’s lots of mini crabs, walking everywhere. So cute !

Sunset… I take a few extra photo. The light is just perfect, and the beach is a great place to enjoy it. In the background, mount Oberon remind me mount Freycinet. I really hope I’ll be able to see the view from the top one day…

I stop by Daniel and his girlfriend again. They are quite surprised to see me, as I was supposed to sleep far away from here. We talk for a little while. Time passes slowly. Clouds are gone. Stars starts shining. I wish them a good night, in order to eat some food, and take a couple of picture. And hopefully, after that, get some sleep. There’s no more wind. It will definitely help.

The sky is perfect. Absolutely clear. The result is amazing. I’m happy.

I walk back to my tent. Hear some noise inside. Open it.

I don’t know why wild animals in Australia like my breakfast so much. Maybe it’s easier for them to open a plastic bag with bread, than a beef can… I guess…

Anyway… if possum is a easy to frighten animal, the wombat is placid, and will ignore you. He was happy eating my bread, and didn’t care moving from where he was. And a wombat is a pretty heavy animal! I tried to push him… with no success… I didn’t want to go… and when you see there claws, you want to be a little bit careful. I don’t really want to fight with him. I just want to sleep…

After a little while, Mister Wombat finally decide to go. Well… there’s no more bread. Only can. No reason for him to stay I suppose. Virginie was laughing at me because of the possum. She now has an other reason…

Anyway… I have my tent just for me. Time for me to jump in my sleeping bag and fall asleep with no problem!

4 Responses to “Day two in Wilson Promontory

  1. April 22nd, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Louve says:

    HHAAAA!!! Un wombat… on dirait une grosse gerboise de 5 kilos. Tu m’en ramènes un? Je suis certaine que mes chats l’aimeraient beaucoup!

  2. April 22nd, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Sébastien Chion says:

    Vi, un wombat mesure en moyenne 1 mètre, et pèse entre 20 et 40 kilos. Vu le mal que j’ai eu à mouvoir celui-ci, je pense qu’il était au moins dans la trentaine. Pas sûr que tes chats aimeraient 😉

  3. April 23rd, 2012 at 6:24 am

    Poulpinette says:

    Voila pourquoi je me sens si proche des wombats, quand je me jete sur un truc à manger c’est difficile aussi de m’en retirer 🙂

  4. April 23rd, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    Sébastien Chion says:

    Le wombat serait donc de la même famille que le poulpe ? Pinaise… y a des biologistes qui vont être renversés !
    (oui, promis, un mail plein de nouvelles arrive bientôt 🙂 )