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Desert is coming

  • English: Desert is coming
  • Français: Desert is coming

Richmond results are now official. The dream will have to stop here. Another one. As usual, I suppose it’s for the best… I’ll see… the good news for all the readers is that this blog will stay bilingual. I like it this way.

So… what’s next?

Plan B is already on the rail. Next saturday, I’m leaving Melbourne. I booked a relocation van a little while ago, heading to Alice Springs. 5 days to drive 2,200 kms. But I won’t be alone. The campervan is a huge one, with room for 6 persons. And it is full. Cassie, Josh, Indri and Rachel, 4 couchsurfers, and Ben, the guy I met a few days ago at the prom. 5 days with 5 almost complete strangers. This is going to be a really interesting experience.

Desert has been calling me for a little while now. After the first time I drove through an amazing never ending emptiness in New Mexico, I discover that desert could be such an awesome place… so quiet… just perfect, sometime, to be alone. To much dreams had fall apart on the last few months. Keeping quiet for a little while, just relaxing, just by myself sounds the thing to do at the moment. Putting my ideas back together.

I might not be that much alone… I have a friend, Mara, in Alice Springs. We first met in Melbourne, for christmas. It will be nice to see her again. And there’s also Fan Fan. I met her in Hobart. She’s somewhere on the north west coast. Could be nice to visit friends… there’s also one or two other possibilities… who knows?

And there’s also the Wide Open Space festival. Starting on the 4th of may.

Desert is coming…

2 Responses to “Desert is coming

  1. April 23rd, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    Kaly says:



    On recommence à se pencher sur les billets d’avion pour la Nouvelle-Zélande, alors ?


  2. April 23rd, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    La Feuille says:

    Bon ben quand tu auras fini de courir aux quatre coins de la planète, on se boira un petit remontant ensemble… Xavier nous a offert un excellent cognac, et Michel un beau coffret de whisky. Si on ajoute la prune de Didier, ça laisse le choix des armes.
    J’ai eu une vision l’autre soir : tu t’occupais du Charbinat et nous on t’envoyait des cartes postales de l’autre bout de l’Europe pour te dire que tout se passait bien, qu’Istambul c’était magnifique et qu’on rentrait en passant par le Péloponèse !
    Profite bien du désert, en attendant le dessert, mais gare à la poussière dans les yeux. Il y a de beaux textes d’Upfield sur le vent de sable… Ici on sait plus trop où on habite, ça commence à ressembler de plus en plus à l’Irlande avec la pluie qui tombe, tous les jours, et le froid qui n’est pas pressé de partir.

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