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Day 3 : kilometers 1,100 to 1,500

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We all wake up in the middle of nowhere, with only emptiness around us. I finally find what I was looking for. Everybody woke up early in order to see the sunrise. Everybody but me. If my travel mates can take a nap during the day, it’s a little bit harder for me. I still had a look through the window, to see a sun hidden by cloud.

As we have lot of bread, I cook french toast to have a nice start for the day. The road is definitely quiet. We see a car, once in a while. Almost each time, drivers wave to each other. We’re living the same experience. We’re driving the same never-ending road. The same crazy road, in the middle of nowhere. If we are at the middle of our journeys, people coming the other way are at the end.

We discover quickly that there is definitely enough room for 3 people in the front of the van. Everything missing is just a seat. We start improvising one using pillow, before we remember that we have camping seat in the van. I’m not sure it’s totally approved by australian road security, but lets forget this minor little detail. With three people sitting in the front, dynamic change completely. If the driver can’t really create ambience and craziness, he can definitely be part of it. And I like that!

Cassie told us about Hart Lake. A salt lake. We saw a few one, not really big, on the side of the road. Hart Lake is an other story. He’s big. Really big. Perfect place to start playing with perspective and photography. Not as good as Uyuni Solar (all my apology to bolivian people for what’s probably the worst way ever to write it), but still a really interesting place.

We spend a little while taking picture. On the way to the lake, we go through a small tunnel, under the train rail. We stop again, for a crazy little time, mixing didgeridoo, musical improvisation in a perfect little moment of happiness.

Back on the road. Trees are definitely rare. Until they become totally inexistent. We are in Coober Pedy.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a little while. Because I’m planning to live here for a little while, taking care of kangaroos and doing some renovation job. But about Coober Pedy, I don’t know anything. Except that people live in dwelling dig into the ground, that it’s the opal capital of the world. And that there is a lot of dust.

All that is absolutely and completely true. When I stop the van “downtown”, in a small dirt parking, a little voice whisper in my hear “Welcome Home”. Because in this little house, coming straight out of Mad Max (the movie had been filmed in Australia btw) I had this feeling to be back in Burning Man. I was missing dust. It’s a very strange feeling that I can really explain. But I was so happy to find it again… as I was to think that I was back in a post apocalyptic universe… yes, I think I’ll love Coober Pedy. For 10-15 days, at least.

We arrived just on time to catch the sunset. We watched it quietly, from the top of a small hill, before walking back to the van. We drive a few km, in order to get outside of the city and find a quiet place. It’s not even 7 PM, but the van is already stop for the day. No more driving today, I’m the first happy about that! Rachel starts cooking a curry. Everyone ask me to leave when I offer to help. That’s perfect for me. I just sit down, and relax, in the back of the van, looking everyone acting together.

The evening was just amazing… good meal, with good wine, share under the stars. I take my fire staff, my camera, and my bottle of kerosene. In order to have some fun.

I got an idea. An experience I want to try. I try it, and it works. Really well!

An idea leading to an other, I try a group picture. With an other really interesting result!

The evening end up quietly, with a giant pile of people, cuddling together, one on each other. Sharing laugh after laugh after laugh…

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  1. May 14th, 2012 at 12:38 am

    indri says:

    thank you sebastien for amazing picture n great journey. Will wait for u in Indonesia. Take care