Tête en bas

Down under wandering. Archipelagoes to islands; beaches to deserts; mountains to cities.

Day 5: kilometers 2,050 to 2,270

  • English: Day 5: kilometers 2,050 to 2,270
  • Français: Day 5: kilometers 2,050 to 2,270

I was expecting to be stressed, to have to hurry up every one. But Cassie and Rachel take care of everything, and the van was quickly ready to start again. And, at some time, to be given back.

A few little break on the road, but here we are!

Yes… we survived. We are in Alice Springs. We do a quick tour of the city, in order to drop everyone stuff, and leave Ben and Josh downtown. Giving back the van take a little while, but was no problem.

We don’t have the van anymore… what’s next? I’m still waiting from news from my CSer who might host me. But I realize that I’m not that much motivated to couchsurf tonight. So is Rachel. And we finally end up in the same hostel than Indri.

We all met together a little bit later, in the evening. The 6 of us, for a last meal. What will come next? I don’t know yet. But we are 5 to go to the festival. So all that is not exactly finish yet…

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