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Circular perfection

  • English: Circular perfection
  • Français: Circular perfection

I woke up early. Very early. Not so long after I went to bed actually. Josephine was still awake, of course. He chatted a little, before she drove me to the place where the group was sleeping. I took a seat in the bus, and we left. In order to stop, less than an hour later, to catch an amazing sunrise on the Breakaway.

Dynamic in this bus is definitely different than with Cassie. More tranquil. More relax. That’s perfect for me, as I can take a nap. A long one… We arrive in Erldunda a few hours later. I leave the bus with all my stuff. They are turning left. I’m not. I have a little chat with a girl who works for the same company as Cassie. She confirms my thought. Perfect.

Ten minutes later, Cassie’s bus arrive. She’s quite surprise to see me. I can understand why I guess. She still has room in her bus, and she’s happy to take me with her. Specially because none of her passenger asked to seat in the front. She doesn’t have a copilot! What a strange feeling, two weeks later, to be back exactly at the same place… I’m finishing the tour I started with her.. like if Coober Pedy was just an amazing two weeks break… everything is exactly like before. We chat, make a few plan. She was thinking to go to Katherine in a few weeks. She tells me about a 5 days hike in this area. I note everything. Sounds really interesting. She finally drop me in Alice Springs. The circle is complete.

I meet Mara at her place. An other little moment of happiness. The pleasure of seeing people again is always great when you’re traveling! I’m going to stay at her place for the next three days before we leave to Darwin.

On the next day, she invites me to come with her for a small walk in town. She has to go to the other end of Alice Springs, at a friend place. I’m happy to go with her. When she tells me in which area we’re going, I’m almost certain about the exact place. We do a little detour to climb Anzac Hills who, in the middle of the town, give a very nice overview of Alice.

One hour later, I recognize without any hesitation the little path we’re following. To go to a house I recognize too. That’s the place where I dropped Ben a few weeks ago. That’s the place where Rachel stayed after the festival. When I tell my name to the guy who welcome me, he looks surprise. Yes, I’m this Sebastien. What a strange feeling, again, to feel that I know everybody here. I’m part of a family of people I haven’t meet yet. And there’s this comment that give me a giant inside smile. “Dynamic here completely change with Ben and Rachel, that’s great they came here”.

If I like seizing opportunity when they arise, I also like to see me as someone who creates opportunity. I like having people meeting other people thanks to me. I like to see things happening because of that… I definitely didn’t expect when I put my post on couchsurfing trying to find passengers, that all that was going to happen. I really feel that I created something. A micro change. Not so important, except for the people involved. And I really like it. Everything seems to happen the way it’s suppose to. Everybody seems to be at the good place. Probably a fatherly way of seeing all that, but I feel that everybody’s happy here, and that I can go on my on way, with a light heart. Life is just confirming that I’m doing right. And that’s an awesome feeling.

I’m leaving tomorrow, with Mara and Gabrielle. An other Maui campervan. There was no other solution, for a perfect circle.

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