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Down under wandering. Archipelagoes to islands; beaches to deserts; mountains to cities.

Minma, The Old Lady

  • English: Minma, The Old Lady
  • Français: Minma, The Old Lady

One morning, a young aboriginal boy knocked at Terry and Jo’s place. He was holding a baby kangaroos. He looked Terry and ask “will you take care of my Malu”. Malu meaning kangaroo, in the aboriginal language speaker in Coober Pedy area. Of course, they accepted. The boy told them that her name was “Minma”. They liked it, thinking that it means “Woman”. A few weeks later, they asked aboriginal, who laughed and said “no, Minma means The Old Lady”. I heard this story a couple of time, and it always make me smiles. I think that “Minma, the Old Lady” sounds really nice to my ear. I like keeping name, in a corner of my head, just in case. That could be always useful. Like today, when Minma just get into my life. I promise, I’ll talk a lot about Minma soon!

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