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Walpa Gorges and the Fucking Good Port

  • English: Walpa Gorges and the Fucking Good Port
  • Français: Walpa Gorges and the Fucking Good Port

Just after the aboriginals talk, we take the road to Kata Tjua. We were planning to do (again) the Valley of the Wind walk. Unfortunately, it was closed because of a bush fire, and we went to Walpa Gorges instead. More tranquil, shortest. But not as impressive.

As we were heading back to the car, a ranger told us that we have to leave the place. All the area was going to be closed, because the fire was getting bigger. It was time for us to go any way. Saying good bye to Kata Tjuta, good bye to Uluru, and back on the road, heading to Kings Canyon. We stopped an hundred kilometers further, on a free campground, where I was happy to find again the “fucking good port”. The evening starts quietly, before we join an australian couple in there 40s around there campfire. Chatting about everything and nothing, quietly, in a very nice and quiet way, before our group move to meet 3 others australian guy, on there own (bigger) campfire. Songs, laughs, joke, until late in the evening…

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