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Mereenie Loop Drive and the Flat Tire

  • English: Mereenie Loop Drive and the Flat Tire
  • Français: Mereenie Loop Drive and the Flat Tire

Tours usually turn back at Kings Canyon, heading back to Alice Springs following the same way they used to come. But for people in 4WD, or adventurous people in 2WD, there’s an other road. The Mereenie Loop Drive. 200 kilometers of unsealed road, usually in pretty good condition. I was expecting to drive it at 50 km/h but it was definitely better that I though, and I end up driving almost always around 70-80 which make the drive way more shorter. The driving experience was really interesting. Complete change from the Stuart Highway when you have to check the road every 15 minutes, just in case there might be a curve. Here, you have to be continuously watching. Checking that there’s no holes our anything hazard on the road, sometime slaloming to avoid the most shaking part. You have to be only one with the car and with the road. It’s harder, more tiring, but I really liked the drive!

Being always listening to the car made me quickly aware of the flat tire. It was easy to except on a road like this one. It really often happen. But it’s not a real problem, as long as you have a spare tire and everything you need, and we were driving again 20 minutes later. Still, I guess it’s a must do to have a flat tire, in the middle of the outback, on a gravel road, 100 kilometers from the closest building. Now that it’s checked, don’t need to do it again!

The plan for the evening was obvious: we were heading back to Standley Chasm for a 3rd night there. Contact with Ray is great, and he even promised us a real room, with a heater and a shower, if we came back. Such a promise pleased the girls!

We meet Ray again with pleasure, and even spend the evening with him. And as his wife was away, share the diner together. Evening goes on slowly, but I’m quite tired after the drive. I realize that I don’t want to sleep inside. I want to see the sky before falling asleep. Again. And again. One more time, I take the option with the swag.

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