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Down under wandering. Archipelagoes to islands; beaches to deserts; mountains to cities.

Same road, one more time

  • English: Same road, one more time
  • Français: Same road, one more time

This trip definitely has a “déjà vu” feeling. Traveling again between Alice Springs and Katherine with two girls. I was planning to do it a little bit slower than the first time, but as Sara is a little bit in a hurry, we just keep the same pace, which is not really a problem, as there’s not really much more to see than the first time. We stop at the Daly Waters Pub one more time in the evening. Same french water, same show by the same humorist. Same hard time at the end. I understand better than the first time, laugh as much. In a whole, I like his show. The nationalist/patriotic speech at the end is just an awful thing I prefer to forget…

We’ve met again with the english couple. We’ve seen them this morning at the Marbles. They are here again tonight, and we spend the evening with them.

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