Tête en bas

Down under wandering. Archipelagoes to islands; beaches to deserts; mountains to cities.

Pause, stop, relax, break

  • English: Pause, stop, relax, break
  • Français: Pause, stop, relax, break

The timing of the english couple fits better with Sara’s, as Hripsimé and I really want to take our time. She’s leaving from Darwin on the 5th, so we can go as slow as we want. But Sara want to be in Darwin in two days. As do the english. And we finally decide to split here, saying good bye to Sara. She leaves Minma to go back in an other van. We’ll still see her three more time during the same day, before we finally go in a different direction.

Because now, we can take all our time. And for the beginning, it means to stop at Mataranka Hot Springs. It also means that we stop again at Bitter Hot Spring and its warm river just after. This time, I take my swimsuit. Not because the water is cold, but because I want to float better. Because I’m doing the swim with my camera in one hand, so that I have a few souvenir of this paradisiac river.

We arrive in Katherine soon after. Quick stop at the grocery, in order to be independent for a couple of days, and then we take the road to the Gorges. I know the campground there. It’s comfy and quiet. Perfect to relax. Nothing to do. I want to update my blog as I’m pretty late. It’s done now. Three days totally relax, really nice, doing almost nothing. It’s now time to go. Tomorrow, we’re having super with Jaap and Louise. The Spirt of Curiosity is in town!

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