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Katherine and Edith

  • English: Katherine and Edith
  • Français: Katherine and Edith

Finding Jaab and Louise was not really complicate, as soon as they told us in which campground we should have a look. The Spirit of Curiosity is quite hard to miss! We still take some tome to discover a few place in Katherine I haven’t discovered yet, confirming that I really enjoy this place. Little piece of paradise, not really known. Exactly as I like them.

One more time, we had a really nice evening with Jaab and Louise. I hadn’t realize that the bus, in addition of a pop-up top with a small electronic keyboard in it, also have a nice little terrace. I guess that having a barbie on a terrace on the top of a bus is an experience to live at least once!

We share our project again the following morning as we also share the breakie. We’re still heading the same way. They are planning to leave the bus for a few days, in a place where people can take care of there dogs. ’cause they are traveling with Boris and Zilla, who are not allowed in national park, which is not alway practical. Unfortunately, the guys who were supposed to take care of the dogs cancel without explaining why, and they have only one solution left: leaving the bus and the dog at the entrance of the park, and do one day trip inside the park. I had a short and quick talk with Hripsimé, arriving to the same conclusion. “If you want, we can take care of that. Hripsimé will be dog-sitting and I will be bus-sitting”. They look at each other. They like the solution, but they don’t want to ask us to stay a few days at the same place. “If it’s three days, we take one easy, and we have two small day trips in the area”. We’re enthusiastic enough to convince them, and we decide to meet the next day, in a rest area, half way between Pice Creek and Kakadu. The place seems perfect. We’re back on the road, heading north.

I really enjoyed my stop at Edith Falls, while I was driving back to Katherine after my short stay at the Douglas Hot Springs. I didn’t have much time, but still enough to have a small walk and a swim. For the last few days, Hripsimé has been looking to swim as much as possible. Considering the quick rise of the temperature as we are heading north, I totally understand her need, that I share. And I really want to see the falls again, taking all my time. And there is the campground, who seems really quiet.

The place is as amazing as the first time. Even better, as I’m not in a hurry. I jump into the water without any problem. It’s not That cold, but still, it’s a small personal victory one more time.

We walk back to the campground, to discover a “campground full, do not enter” gate. We have a small hesitation. Not too long. We push the gate. Minma is not that big, and we find her a spot easily beside a big campervan. Swag enroll quickly after that with the stars, as usual, waiting for us.

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  1. July 28th, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Alex says:

    je t’ai pas oublié… là je suis un peu perdue…va falloir que je relise un peu pour voir où tu es ^^ avec qui tu es etc..

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