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Écrit par : Sébastien ChionJune 3rd, 2016
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Nine months since I left France. Almost six months I am in Guatemala and two months I’m in Hotelito Perdido. Like all travelers on the road for a while, there are things that I end up missing … here is a ranking of what I miss the most:

1- Parents and friends

Yes, it’s pretty obvious, but still… the hardest on the road is that the loved ones are far away. On the road, we make (beautiful) meetings, we live great times, and we make new friends. But spending time with people who know us, understand us, who you don’t necessarily need to explain some things … that too is good!

2- Take a bath!

Don’t get me wrong. I shower every day (several times a day, sometimes the temperature view), I swim in the river almost every day, and I even have hot springs close to hand. Well close to kayak. What I really miss is a bathtub. A real. Great. And comfortable. In which I could lie down with a book. And put hot water regularly. For several hours.

3- Micro brew!

I found a micro brewery in Antigua, but it did not count. Over americanized for me. Both in terms of decoration and taste. My last micro brewery dates back to Mexico. And it’s true that it’s been a while now I have not found a local beer. And I miss it. I would be happy to spend an evening at Ursuline, Ninkasi (the one in Eugene) or Dieu du Ciel) !

4. Attend a festival

I miss the atmosphere from festival / street music / live music! Lie down comfortably in the grass and listen to a band discussing in joy and good humor. Sometimes it feels good!

5- Hike

Yes, I do like Hotelito. But from the river to the back of the land, there are just over 100 meters. With a vertical hight of two meters. I miss volcanoes. I miss hiking.  I don’t miss leg cramps the next day.

6- Guatemala

Yes, this might seem a little strange … but the Livingston area is already quite different from the rest of Guatemala. And Hotelito is quite disconnected from everything. Small place of paradise, yes, but that is no longer really in Guatemala. Place outside the borders and out of time. I miss being on the road, traveling, eating food in small uncertain comedors lost in mercados … street food and licuados for 7 quetzals. Yes, at one time, I will have to return to Guatemala!

– And that’s all ?
– Absolutely!
– You sure you do not forget anything?
– Sure!
– And the cheese and sausage?

Let me be clear: if you offer me a Saint Agur, a well-made Epoisse, some Sauvagine or Reblochon, I will eat it with enthusiasm! I still like cheese. And I eat it with pleasure. But as such, the cheese does not fail me. I learned to live without. I spent enough time on the road to no longer need reblochons delivery in the mail. It’s one of the nice thing I learned on the road. Live with what you have. Be satisfied with what I have. Do not regret what I did not. Just enjoy it. Here and now. As you can see, thanks to this, the list of things I miss is very short. And it’s more convenient when traveling for a long time!

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