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Berry Springs, on the way to Litchfield

  • English: Berry Springs, on the way to Litchfield
  • Français: Berry Springs, on the way to Litchfield

We’ve got 5 days and 500 kilometers free to discover Litchfield. That’s more than enough, and we now that we’ll be able to do it as slow as we want. But even going slowly, it’s going to be hard to take so much time!

We have a first quick stop in an aboriginal shop. For what we red, we were expecting a cultural center, but at the end, it’s just an other place to buy painting, object, and didgeridoo. Still… there’s two giant didgeridoos that just look amazing. I ask if I can try them.

Usually, the bigger the didgeridoo, the biggest lungs you need, and circular breathing is usually really hard too. But those two are just perfect. The biggest is the best didge I’ve ever played. I’ve the feeling to play in a didge not bigger than mine, but with a sound a hundred time deeper. The kind of didgeridoo that puts you in a trance in only a few minutes, waking up the neighbor 10 kilometers from here. The effect is just amazing, and I start dreaming having such a great thing. It’s not for sell. Someone offers 10,000$ for it, they refuse. The other one is not as good, but you can buy it. For only 8,000$. Yes, a didge too can be really expensive. But when you play, it’s as comparing an electric keyboard to a grand piano. Anyway… I will leave my dream on the side for the moment, as we go back on the road.

In order to stop again, 15 minutes later. Berry Springs. Once again, on the picture, it looked nice. And it is. Quiet, not to many people, a little river between trees and palm trees. Water temperature: perfect. Cold enough to cool you down, warm enough so that you don’t have to worry about being cold.

We stay in the water for a little while. We love the place. You have to understand us: average temperature, in the afternoon, is between 30 et 34 degrees. We’re far from Alice Springs’ 25, that I’m almost missing!

We’re back on the road, heading to Litchfield again, when we arrive an hour after. We stop quickly to an old tin mine of no interest. We were planning to stop at the next campground, a bit further, but when we arrive, we discover that you have to carry your camping gear on at last 800 meters. My swag is heavy, and I prefer to take the lazy option, driving to the next campground. We arrive at Wangi Falls just on time to see the amazing color of the sunset on the amazing cliff and waterfall. And also to discover a full campground. We though of sleeping on the parking for a little while, but we would probably be awaken by an angry ranger, so we drive back to the first campground. Where we do sleep on the parking.

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