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The white wine problem

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The next day is a strange one, as we don’t have anything left to do. Hripsimé is waiting for her flight with impatience, looking forward to be in Indonesia. I understand her.

We drive to Batchelor, a little village at the entrance to Litchfield. There’s a power plug where we can charge our computer, and we also have internet access. We take our time, and that give us an idea “what about doing some washing!”. Great idea. We drive around, trying to find a laundromat, without any result. Until I see this giant campground. We get in without asking any question, find a machine, and start our cleaning, waiting quietly. There’s one of the guy of the campground who’s doing lot of thing around, without specially looking at us. Until he stops. “hey, are you staying in the campground?” ” Well… no” “What are you doing here then?” “Just washing some clothes” “but you can’t do that! You’ll have to leave as soon as it’s finish” “ok”. When the machine finished the cleaning, we start packing our wet clothes. We’ll find a sunny spot to dry them. But the guy from the campground come back. “Take your time, don’t worry. You can use the line if you want”. Ah… ok… great. Thanks!

The deal, when we sold Minma, included two bottles of white wine. I did my best to take care of the first one, but Hripsimé didn’t really help me, and I would not be able to drink both of them just by myself. Knowing how helpful are Jaap and Louise, we’ve decided to ask them for some help. In there great kindness, they accept without hesitating. We’ll meet them the next day. We though they were still sought, but they tell us that they will be close to Berry Springs tomorrow, to stop in a campground in the area. That’s perfect for us too. We go back to the spring, and enjoy an other swim.

In the evening, we find a nice little campground, quiet, and not to expensive.

We meet Jaap and Louise the next morning, just after they arrive at the campground. They are switching the bus to a “long time stay”, as they have friend coming in a few days. They are planning to stay here for one week. We spend the beginning of the afternoon talking with them, before going back to Berry Springs. It’s saturday afternoon. There’s more people, but it’s still nice. I’m having fun with my fine, practicing some free diving. We stay in the water for a while, before we decide to come back, trying to solve this white wine problem.

And as usual, we just enjoy a great evening with Jaap and Louise.

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  1. August 17th, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Alexandra says:

    Alors comment ça se passe tout seul maintenant ? On attend la suite :p