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Darwin Airport

  • English: Darwin Airport
  • Français: Darwin Airport

An interesting experience is waiting for me on the following day. I’ve been saying for a little while that I was going to use my swag as a backpack when I’ll leave Australia. It was a nice thing to say, but I still had to try it. So I tried.

It worked well. Little bit big, but it’s still working. I’m not sure how heavy the swag is. I’ve 25 kg allowed with Jetstar, and 30 after Singapore with Saoudic Airline. I think that it’s going to be okay.

We have a last breakfast with Jaap and Louise, before jumping in the car, heading back to Darwin. We don’t have to say bye. They have to go to Darwin too, and will stop at the airport.

We don’t have any problem on the way back, and the car is back a little while after that. We’ve driven 530 kilometers. That’s okay. We are at the airport. We are ready. We are waiting.

Japp and Louise arrive a little bit later. Hripsime’s flight is at 4:10. Mine at 6:20. I can drop my swag early. To discover that it weight 28 kilos. “So, it’s 75$ for the 3 extra kilos. 25$ per kilos with Jetstar”. I look at the girl who’s telling me that. “Hum… do you mind if I come back in 10 minutes?” “Of course not”. I go outside of the airport, unroll the swag. There’s my photo tripod inside. That’s heavy. I also remove two pieces of cloths, just in case. Come back to the counter. “24,5 kilos. Perfect”. I just have a little question. Between Bali and Sydney, Jetstar told me that it was out of question that I carry my flute with me. It was a 1m long piece of bamboo. So a really dangerous weapon. But what about my tripod? “A tripod is a piece of photographic equipment, you can take it with you, no problem”. Perfect… a 3 kilos metallic telescopic tripod is way less dangerous than a flute. Maybe, one day, I will understand flight companies…

We finally say goodbye to Jaap and Louise. This time for good. We’re not going to see them before a long long time. I go through the security check with Hripsime, before we start waiting again. It’s strange. It’s not the first time I’m with a friend in an airport. But it’s the first time I’m waiting with someone I know… while we are taking two different flights!

It’s time for Hripsime to go. It’s always strange to say goodbye to someone with whom you’ve been almost continuously for a little bit more than one month. Well, we know we’ll see each other in France and Italia in october. Still strange…

I’m alone in the airport. I look. I wait. I don’t realize that I’m leaving. It’s a strange feeling. And finally, it’s time for me to board the plane. I’m trying to understand what I’m doing in a place… I guess that Singapore is waiting for me now…

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