Tête en bas

Down under wandering. Archipelagoes to islands; beaches to deserts; mountains to cities.

Douglas Hot Springs

  • English: Douglas Hot Springs
  • Français: Douglas Hot Springs

Statement number 1 : improvisation is always better with constraints
Statement number 2 : what you give will come back to you

Mara had decided to leave earlier. She has two friends driving to Darwin on saturday night, planing to stop in Douglas Hot Springs on there way, in order to be on time at the airport on monday. Perfect for her. There might be a room for me if I want to come. I’m not sure. I prefer to tell her goodbye now. I know she’s already gone. And it’s hard to be with someone who’s not here…

She realized that she won’t be able to take her bag that we left with Alex and Petrina. She needs a solution. She’s not sure. I propose to be the solution. I just have to take her bag to the airport on monday evening. Hitch hiking with my bag and hers might be a little bit difficult. But she really wants to stop at the Hot Springs. And I’m more than happy to give that to her. I’ll find a solution. Everything will be alright.

On sunday morning, Bec give me a ride back to Katherine, in the car Toni -one of the festival organizer- lent her. As we’re driving back, my brain just had the good idea to have a great idea, connecting everything together… what if I rent a car for three days when I arrive in Katherine. I’ll have the time to discover the gorges, spend some time in Kakadu, and drop Mara’s bag at the airport. Definitely easier. Or… even better. I just have to go to the hot spring, find her there, and won’t even have to go to Darwin. I juggling with distances, times, dates… I can rent the car in Katherine and drop it in Katherine. Don’t need to go up to Darwin to take the train. Everything is just perfect! We meet Toni, in order to give her the car back. You won’t have anything if you don’t try anything. I ask Toni if I can lend the car for a few days. Paying her art company instead of a rental company. She’s okay, but I’ll have to wait until the end of the day. Perfect for me. Just have a quiet day in Katherine. I like this option.

I like the way everything just fit together. Adding a constraint that create a great solution. Helping at the festival, and being help back after that.

I jump into the car, heading to Douglas Hot Springs. Arrive there a few hours later, by night. I was thinking to arrive there, in a little quiet place. Finding ten peoples around a bone fire, and just say “hi Mara”. It’s a 3 days long week end. There’s more than a hundred cars in the camping. People and tents everywhere. I have no idea what I’m supposed to look for. I drive slowly, but it won’t work this way. Park the car, and start walking. Will be easier. Luck is on my side, one more time. I find Mara in less than 5 minutes.

I like to appear at the light of a campfire, playing to flute to introduce quietly myself. I don’t have this opportunity so often… I heard Mara saying “that’s beautiful”. She has not realize yet. But then, she recognize the sounds, and turn back, surprise. I’m happy to create those kind of surprise. To do some magic. I’m happy to see her again.

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