The Van

« Why Not » is a Dodge Cargovan 1990, with a 166,000 kilometers (103,000 miles) history

Fast Fact :

  • engine works #1 ; people keep saying that it’s going to last for probably an other 166,000 kilometers (103,000 miles).
  • 3.3 V6 Automatic
  • Gaz consumption : between 24 mpg (driving 55 mph on highway) and 20 mpg (on mountain road)
  • 3 ways fridge (battery, electricity, propane)
  • propane tank : 3 gallons (12 liters). Usually last for two/three weeks
  • stove (2 burners)
  • stink (with a 35 liters tank / 10 gallons)
  • propane heater
  • lot of storage
  • two battery (one for the engine, one for the camping stuff)
  • top pop up to make a double bed (perfect for two)
  • back seat can be transformed to an other bed (ok for two)
  • will drive to 90 miles per hour if you want to.

Also :

  • really friendly look with the green spot.
  • great radio player (with aux, USB and remote). 2 speakers on the front, 2 speakers in the back
  • come with an electric transfo (12V to 110 V, 500mA – 1A).
  • come with a American National Park Pass lasting until september 2011 and a Canadian National Park Pass lasting until july 2011. (value : 80 + 120).
  • transmission changed when the van was 140,000 kilometers (87,000 miles)
  • speedometers is in kilometers (but miles also writen, in small)
  • equiped for having a trailer or a bike holder
  • back suspension have been upgraded, in case  using with a trailer
  • It’s a Dodge Cargovan, not a Caravan. His first purpose was for business, and the engine is more powerfull than on a caravan, and far better than on a westfalia
  • coming almost full equiped (plates, pot, plastic glasses, etc…)

What kind of problem did I have :

  • brake line for the back right wheel broke 2 months ago because it was old, and I have it repaired.
  • brake line for the back left wheel broke 4 weeks ago for the same reason, and I have it repaired to. Both brake are now #1.
  • tail light and dashboard light stop working 1 weeks ago, and I have it repaired.
  • didn’t have any other problem with it.

What’s not working : (hey, he’s quite old after all !)

  • cruise control is not working, but you can have it repair
  • the fridge does not work with propane anymore, and I don’t know why. I think that it’s just the igniter does have a problem. The auxiliary battery is good enough to keep the fridge working all night, so I haven’t it repair. You can, of course, if you want.
  • everything else is perfect.

Lot of storage everywhere

Pictures [click to enlarge]

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